The effect of abdominal respiration and sport blowgun
1.Abdominal respiration is more effective oxygen intake than breast respiration.
  Everyone can take more oxygen into the body.Oxygen vitalizes your head.
2.About 20 % of lungs space is not used by usual respiration.To enlarge the
  dead space of lung revitalizes the lung.Especially for elderly people deep
  respiration enlarges narrowed bronchia and alveoli in the lungs.  
3.Abdominal respiration strengthens diaphragma and abdominal muscles and
   it is effective for backbone pain.
4.Exhiration stimurates parasymapathetic nerve which lessens heart beat and
  enlarges small vessels.That is effective for high blood pressure.
5.When the lungs were enlarged prostagrandin I 2 is produced from the
  wall of alveoli,it covers the surface of vessels and protects blood coagulation.
@Th is effective to prevent heart attack and brain infarct.
6.Slight abdominal pressure pushs internal organs and put out stagnant blood.
  It stimulates the blood stream.
7.Abdominal respiration cures constipation and increases digestion.
8.White muscle consumes glucose,so when oxigen is insufficient blood
  glucose becomes higher.Red muscle consumes oxgen and fat,if you took
  much oxgen you can decrease the fat.The effect is proved by the experiment.
9.Aiming target makes you forget everything and you can feel tranquility,
  The serene feeling condition makes you happy. 
10.The sport is old but new,there are lot of room to study.It encourages curiousity.
  The reserch and experiment revitalizes the head.
11.Match dropping looks like hunting,it remainds your instinct and wakes up
  wildness and makes you fit.
12.Even cervical damaged people can practice sport blowgun,the sport is
   good for wheelchair handicapped too.