Attention and warning when you begin the sports blowgun.
Please read carefully and obey the following advice.

                              Revised on Sep.19 2001
1.Set the target in a safe place where people won't appear by chance.
2.The distance of the target should be 5 meters at first.Extend it
  according to the advancement of the technique.Standard competition
 distance is 10m (11 yard).
3.Test the size and shape of the dart by dropping it into the pipe and
  confirm the smooth passing through the pipe.(Passing test)
 13cm long gauze pipe is convenient for passing test.
4.Repeated use of darts changes the shape.Pass the darts through the
 pipe often.Rub the dart and make it round.Insert 5cm short paper pipe

 into the end and leave it overnight.
5.If the inside wall is wet,the dart sticks to the wall.Wipe the dew
  of the inside wall of the pipe by passing a soft paper by the pipe cleaner
 bar through the pipe
after you shoot 5 or 6 darts.
6.If you blow the pipe too strongly,it is a heavy burden to the lungs
  and is dangerous.Especially those people who suffer from asthma,lung
  disease,heart trouble,or weak structure should consult the doctor at first.
7.If you feel something wrong with the body after blowing,stop the play.
8.Be aware that if you carry the sports blowpipe in the night you may
 be suspected a criminal!
9.In Japan game hunting is prohibited by law.You can't shoot any animal
  nor bird by any tool or weapon without a hunting license.
10.Please play the sport blowgun according to the spirit of Bushido and
11.Dont' blow quickly.It is bad for health.
12.Be careful for mischief by children. Keep the tool in safe place.
13.The size of aluminium pipes are slightly differnt.In the case of home made
  pipe confirm the matching with darts.
14.The muzzle gard prevents the damage of pipe tip. When the muzzule was
  not round chisel the inside rim by a knife.
15.At the competition be careful to retrieve darts.Take darts off together.
16.Stick 5mmX5mm stick tape inside end of dart to prevent peeling of
 (Nov.3 1999)
17.Don't point a man by the pipe even if the pipe is not loaded a dart.
 Don't blow up dart upright ,the dart would drop and hart someone.(Jun 6 03)

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