5.Material of blowgun                            2003.3.19

No. Item Price
1 50 Colored films,nails ,dart shaper \2,000
2 120cm Alminium pipe attached with plastic mouth piece for beginer \1,400
3 120cm 720gr middle class pipe composed of Al and stainless pipes \5,500
4 40cmX40cm X 3cm Sekisui Co.sponge mat with 60cmX 60cm guard board \3,000
7 165cm foldable Tripod to which target No.4 board is hung \3,000
8 10 pieces of target face 18cm in the diameter  \ 60
12 20cm hard wood dart shaper \1000
13 23cm plastic quiver with belt hook \1,500
14 2 durable match size target sets  \200
15 A gauge short alminium pipe   \70
16 Five 20cm film cone darts  \500
17 Alchohl packs,specification  Free
18 120cm pipe cleaning glassfiber rod  \100
19 On the desk pipe stand for the handicapped  \900
20 Trick target Niagara matchbox dropping
21 Trick target cherry blossom blizzard  \200
22 Trick target wine bottle plug pulling \1,500
24 3 cm X 40 cm X 40 cm Sekisui co. sponge target mat \2,000
26 Trick target: X'mas electric illumination,10 bulbs AC 100 V \3,500
28 The Textbook of Sports Blowgun(English)Dec.1.1999 \1,500
32 Official wire target ring, 8 U pins \600
No Set Pruduct Parts Price
B Beginer set 15darts,120cm beginer pipe,sponge mat with gaurd plate,
pipe cleaner rod,tripod,10 paper targets ,quiver,durable
match size targets set.gauge pipe,dart making set.postage
C Middle class set Same above .Difference is 600gr 120cm middle class pipe \15,500
D Practical beginer set 15darts,beginer pipe,pipe cleaner,quiver,postage  \6,000
E Practical middle class set 15 darts,middle class pipe,cleaner,quiver, dart makeing set. \10,000

Single item postage :No.2,3,4,5,7・・・・・・\1,500
Other・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ \120
Above postage is available only in Japan.

Attention:Special transportation is added to remote islands outside main four japanese islands

Attention: Above tools are not alloweded to use at the competition
sanctioned by Japan Sports Fukiya Association(JSFA).
Ask the detail to JSFA  
Ginza 3-8-12 Tokyo Phone 03-3538-5837.

If you send the money from bank,please send me by a postcard,fax or E-mail
written your address, name,age and sum of money.

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